Chango Cummings,
Through The Glass Eyes

Black and brown bodies are the most heavily surveilled persons on the planet. Through the Glass Eyes is a piece that dissects the current state of extreme government surveillance within our communities and more specifically the community of North Minneapolis. Looking at the strategic placement of CCTV cameras surrounding our environments, and the effect it has on our people. Artist Chango Cummings looks to debunk the stigmas created and project the true narratives of the Black community, using this multifaceted performance, sculpture, and mural.


Chango Cummings a multidisiplinary Black artist/designer, currently studying architecture at the Parson’s School of Design. Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Cummings always creates with the ideas of social equity and sustainability. His sculptures, urban interventions, and other visual creations are all made as catalysts of change.


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The Commons 425 Portland Ave - East side

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9:02pm-2am each night
Chango Cummings
(works) Twin Cities, MN and New York City
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