Miko S. Simmons,
Celestial Amnesia: a Passage to Peace

We are vibration, we are connection, we are one thing that’s many things connected to everything else. We are biological, we are energy patterns moving at the frequency of humanity. We are light. We are sound. We are dancing in patterns of sacred geometry forming harmony, and dis-harmony struggling for balance. We are connection. We are beauty.

This multimedia experience seeks to create a link between the technological and biological, the physical and the metaphysical, linking the inner rhythms of light with the outer pace of our busy surroundings. This installation is inspired by the principles of “golden ratio” geometric patterns of light and sound effects on our collective healing by creating a sacred space of positive intention and commonality.


Miko S. Simmons is an international award-winning multimedia artist/theatrical projection designer/composer who has been innovating in the convergence of digital techniques for film, animation and theater for more than twenty years. Currently transforming the worlds of theater, opera and dance performance with Cinematic Projection Design, and fine art installations.


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Minneapolis Central Library along the Nicollet Mall Light Walk between 6th and 8th Streets

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9:02pm-2am each night, one main performance at 11:11 and randomly interspersed throughout the night symbiotically


Miko S. Simmons
(works) Minneapolis, MN
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