Danielle Everine & David Heisserer,
Meme Weaver

Part mechanized tool and part arcade game, Meme Weaver is an interactive machine that weaves poems. The loom explores human-machine collaboration by employing volunteers to carry out the integrated computer plan.

The loom was invented at least 5,000 years ago and is an important human milestone. Early woven fabric expanded the human geographic range. Today machine made fabric has become so ubiquitous and cheap that waste and labor problems abound. Meme Weaver exhibits elements of early and contemporary weaving. The small, precious and laborious output from this loom attempts to refocus on the effort and resources that weaving require.

We have chosen to weave a collection of memes, poems, quotes, and maxims that encourage sharing of knowledge. The use of open-source technology in the hardware, software, and literature exemplifies the highest way we are all connected. We are standing on the shoulders of giants when we make new technologies.


Danielle Everine is a designer and artist with a focus in the history and craft of textile production. David Heisserer is an inventor and master builder that works within the theme of humans creating in concert with machine. Together they make artworks and products that comment on industry, apparel, utility, and whimsy.


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9:02pm-2am each night


Danielle Everine & David Heisserer
(b.) Minneapolis, MN and Saint Paul, MN
(works) Minneapolis, MN
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