Binyam Raba,
Givings of a Global Immigrant

In a time when anti-immigration sentiments are at an all-times high, this project captures the different journeys made by immigrants and refugees to America. Binyam Raba’s paintings capture this journey, it also highlights the different positive contributions that immigrants and their communities have made to American society. From slaves travelling across the Atlantic to Jews fleeing persecution in Europe, these paintings seek to capture the different narratives of both struggle and victory faced by immigrant and refugee communities. In the end, these stories define the American society and the continual givings of the global immigrant.

Juried collaboratively by Northern Spark staff and the Artist Advisory Committee and staff of African Economic Development Solutions, this project will also be presented at Little Africa Fest in St. Paul on Saturday, August 18.  


Binyam Raba was born and raised in Oromia, Ethiopia. He hopes to continue growing as an artist, capturing stories that have been neglected in the spheres of art. His passion is to capture the many indigenous forms of creativity that are often dismissed in light of modern, Western artistic work.


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Binyam Raba
(b.) Nekemte, Ethiopia
(works) Saint Paul, MN