Adja Gildersleve,
Free Kin

Commonality is the dream and belief in a future that embraces anyone and everyone, where voices are heard with clarity. Commonality is the poetic and unifying elements of the human experience.

Social/political affiliations, class, race, and gender are shared through the art of visual imagery and sound. The aesthetics of commonality are built around our own lives, relationships, laws we live under, streets we walk on – affiliations and associations that bind and connect us. Laughter, emotions, even breath are all a part of our day-to-day co-existence and commonality.

As a democratic platform and program that focuses on connecting artists, Mn Artists allows for many definitions of commonality. Artists themselves are able to find what they have in common with one another through discipline, practice, location, subject matter, and interest; culturally and artistically connecting with each other through the architecture of the website and live programs. Mn Artists along with guest curator Adja Gildersleve bring these connections to Northern Spark through a curated film screening. Free Kin relates to the commonality between oppressed peoples. We are family/kin and our future is freedom.


Adja Gildersleve is an activist, videographer, and educator based in Minneapolis. An experienced artist working with various communities in the field of media, education, and government. Adja is committed to fighting oppression and building power in Black, Native, and Brown communities -using media and art as a tool for liberation.


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Minneapolis Central Library Pohlad Hall, 2nd floor

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9:02pm-2am each night


Adja Gildersleve
(b.) Wakanda
(works) Minneapolis
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