Anna Marie Shogren,

FALLS is a dance performance that cheerfully re-contextualizes the physical interactions that meet us in moments of illness or trauma. Anna Marie Shogren uses the language of contact in care facilities to send individual audience members on a ride, through the chain reaction of assisted falls, ambulations, lifts, and cascades through the Minneapolis Central Library lobby.

Anna’s recent work stems out of her personal experience of working in elder care facilities, and the realization that came with it: her knowledge of a dancer and a choreographer concerning interaction with someone’s human body has a great value in those settings. This work is an ongoing process of re-imagining the kinds of embodied interactions typical to the nurse-patient relationships in elder care, that at once combine the power relations of caregiver/care-receiver with the fundamental need for the empathic human touch that becomes so acute as we grow old.

Prepare to be touched!


Anna Marie Shogren is an artist and dancer whose work has been seen around Minneapolis, New York, along both U.S. coasts, and Iceland. She has danced with Body Cartography Project, Hijack, Laurie Van Wieren Yanira Castro, Faye Driscoll, Megan Byrne and written on performance with Mn Artists, NYArts Magazine, and Critical Correspondence.

Featured Performers:

Alan Yu Wah Tse
Alys Ayumi Ogura
Ambryn Melius
Clare Driscoll
Emily Michaels King
Rachel Clark
Terry Hempfling


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Minneapolis Central Library Escalator between floors 1 and 2; 2nd floor bridge

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9:02pm-2am each night


Anna Marie Shogren
(works) Minneapolis, MN
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