Sami Pfeffer,
The Archive of Apologies and Pardons

The Archive asks for healing – come and contribute an apology and a pardon to our collective body of remorse. The apology will not reach the person to whom it is addressed; the pardon will not reach the person to whom it is offered. Practice speaking up! Name harm you’ve experienced, name harm you’ve enacted. Practice is necessary for healing; each of us deserves an apology and each of us hopes for a pardon.


Nicollet & 8th Street (Station D) – 9:02pm

Nicollet & 7th Street (Station C) – 10pm

Nicollet & 6th Street (Station B) – 11pm

Nicollet & 5th Street (Station A) – midnight

In front of main entrance to Hennepin Central Library – 1am


Sami Pfeffer is a queer white performance artist. They write plays, make films, and build installations. They create uncomfortable spaces – consensually – to ask for and offer the vulnerability of communal healing.


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Minneapolis Central Library Roving between 4 stations along Nicollet throughout the night from 5th to 8th streets, see schedule below project description

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9:02pm-2am each night


Sami Pfeffer
(b.) Omaha, NE
(works) Minneapolis, MN